As kids enjoy summer, playing their hearts out before school comes back around, it’s time for companies to start thinking about their back-to-school campaigns. Research shows that over 60 percent of back-to-school shoppers plan to start purchasing before August.

This suggests that your campaign should run a good deal before school starts back up. This, in large part, is because parents are shopping for school supplies and clothing differently than they have in the past.

It used to be that parents would make a run to the store, gather everything on the school supplies list in one sweep, and head back home. Today, parents are spending a considerably larger amount of time researching and shopping for their supplies which means that their shopping starts earlier in the summer.

Most of that research is done online. It makes sense, then, that morel shopping takes place online as well. As school shopping goes digital, so should your back-to-school campaign.  

Whether you’re focused on parents, college students, or little ones entering their first year of school, connecting with your demographic can be difficult. Influencer marketers make it a lot easier to make connections, though, and we’re going to list a few instances where influencers have helped companies win big in back-to-school campaigns.

Target and the Quinn Sisters

Target paired with elementary and middle school influencers, the Quinn Sisters, last year and made waves. The Sisters engaged in a “Target shopping challenge” for back to school supplies, bringing a lot of energy and excitement to the sometimes boring process of picking up supplies.

Their YouTube video generated over 1.2 million views, showing us all how fun it can actually be to get ready for school.

Sara Lee and “Loveable Lunch Notes”

Sara Lee (you’ve probably packed a million lunches with their bread) capitalized on the age-old trend of leaving a note for your child in their lunch bag.

The campaign offered a selection of printable lunch notes to include in lunch boxes, paired with a coupon for Sara Lee bread. They worked with twenty influencers to promote the campaign on their blogs with the intention of upping engagement on the company’s Facebook and campaign sites.

They ended up getting almost 700,000 impressions on Facebook and a combined 124 million impressions on Twitter and Instagram.

JC Penny’s Back-to-School Music Video

Sara Rowe, Meghan Trainor, and Alfonso Ribeiro all worked with JC Penny’s back-to-school campaign, creating an exciting music video.

Using Meghan Trainor’s song, “Me Too,” the ad features a group of talented kids dancing and having a blast, wearing new JC Penny styles. The video is centered around Sara Rowe and Alfonso Ribeiro, who is best known for playing Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

This campaign is a creative example of a brand making its back-to-school push compelling and memorable for consumers.

Target’s Campaign with New Kids on the Block

Target worked with WhatsUpMoms and Joey Mcintyre to create a hilarious commercial. While there’s not a whole lot of product placement involved, the ad is extremely engaging and earned over 7.5 million views on Youtube.

This is yet another example of how much buzz working with an influencer can produce. Influencers like WhatsUpMoms can open you up to niche audiences with millions of consumers who might not otherwise be exposed to your brand.

Minute Maid’s #DoinGood Campaign

Minute Maid partnered with 10 influencers who pushed creative interpretations of their campaign on all social media platforms, with the goal of generating a conversation to help parents better understand their worth.

The idea was that, in a world of a million stressors, it’s often hard to remember your worth as a parent. The campaign’s response was staggering, with a total of over 61 million impressions generated over the span of the campaign. Between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, the campaign reached people all over the world.

Not only did they exceed their back-to-school expectations, but they also sent out a massive reminder that parents should take a step back and appreciate all of the hard work they do.

Want to Work With Back-to-School Influencers?

There’s a lot to be gained from a well-executed back-to-school campaign. Working with influencers can greatly increase the effectiveness of that campaign.
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