You’ve probably noticed that your social feeds are getting pumped with engaging video content. If it hasn’t yet crossed your mind, browse through Facebook and Instagram for a few moments, taking note of the frequency of video content, whether or not it’s a marketing campaign, and how well you respond to it.

Consumers are shifting toward a preference of video content and have been for a while. That trend has led to a huge increase in the presence of entertaining videos as well as marketing content on social media.

We’re going to touch on the upward trends in video marketing, hopefully shedding a little light on why your marketing campaign should focus more heavily on video, whether that’s Instagram Stories, YouTube or Facebook Live.

The Importance of Video Marketing in 2019 & 2020

We’ll run through a few of the latest statistics, all of which point toward the fact that video marketing has been, and continues to be on the rise.

Whether or not you prefer video content to written material or traditional ads, it’s clear that the greater picture is one where video marketing is king.

An Upward Trend

Businesses have been using video for their marketing for a while, but the last few years have shown a sharp rise in the percentage of marketers that use video in their campaigns.

A Wyzowl study found that over 60% of businesses claimed to be using video in their marketing efforts in 2017. That number jumped 18% in 2018, and the 2019 percentage is up to 87%.

It makes sense, too, seeing as most business owners and marketers who use video say that it brings in excellent results. The same study claimed that 94% of marketers said video improved user understanding of a product or service, 84% said that it boosted web traffic to their websites, and 81% say that their video marketing helped to generate leads.

Those numbers are overwhelmingly positive.

Looking Forward at Video Marketing

The main ingredient in the whole equation, is, of course, the consumer. They’re on board with the trends in video marketing as well, with 87% of surveyed consumers saying that they’d like to see more brand videos and advertisements in 2019.

The marketing community is in agreement on the fact that video will keep pushing into 2020, and many brands plan to increase spending on video. Additionally, of those who aren’t already using video as a marketing tool, almost 75 percent of them plan to start doing so this year, according to HubSpot.

So, What Can You Do?

All arrows are pointing toward the fact that video is here and plans to stick around. That means there’s a lot of competition and the need for great content is extremely important. One way to greatly improve the quality and reach of your video marketing campaign is to work with influencers.

Influencers and video marketing go together hand in hand, often times with the influencer already having the skills and audience to engage your brand with thousands upon thousands of people. Video content can be crafted to any social media platform as well, seeing as some social sites aren’t as popular in certain niches. From product placements to reviews, influencers can work your brand or product into a meaningful customer experience.

It’s an exciting idea, and we’re here to help your brand move forward with its marketing campaign. Contact us to explore your influencer and video marketing options, potentially pairing up with one of our content creators and influencers.