Whether foodie inspirations come from a recipe video gone viral on Instagram or Facebook, searching Pinterest for dinner ideas, or scrolling endlessly through #CleanEating or #EatingForTheInsta, there’s no doubt that social media and mobile technology have redefined the food and beverage industry. Now that groceries and meal prep boxes are delivered right to our front doors and coupons are digital, brands must find new ways to entice and connect with modern consumers.

Not only have people changed the way they shop, cook, and style meals, their expectations for brand experiences have evolved as well. For brands looking to connect with their customers, the critical first steps are to build trust based on authenticity and honesty and to find a way to seamlessly fit into people’s daily lives. The right influencer marketing strategy can help you reach and bridge that gap with your target market.

Here are some impactful and inventive ways our clients have worked with influencers to showcase the best their food brands have to offer.

Developing New and Original Recipes

A creative way to leverage influencers in marketing your brand is to ask them to develop a new and original recipe that incorporates your product. In this example from a campaign with ACH Baking brand, food bloggers were secured for a year-long project to highlight recipes using brands like Karo® Syrup through social media.

Highlighting the Art of Entertaining

Whether it’s tips and tricks for hosting a memorable party or a quick and easy meal that feeds a crowd, entertaining is a popular topic all year-round. Naturally, people’s interest in entertaining peaks in the lead up to major holidays. So it makes sense to time your influencer campaigns to line up with these occasions.

In this National Pork Board campaign leading up to the holiday season, you can see that bloggers were inspired to create original holiday recipes that aligned with the brand’s Thanksgiving theme.

Showcasing Customer Experiences

Brands that reflect a customer’s lifestyle and sense of purpose or that offer a high level of convenience have a greater likelihood of being considered.  Incorporating photos or videos into your influencer marketing campaign can capture a genuine customer experience with your product and help consumers see themselves in your brand.

A recent partnership with California Almonds #OwnYourEveryday brought an array of unique snacking ideas through blog posts and photos shared on social media aimed at “busy balancers” and included ways to incorporate protein-packed snacks during summer routines or travel.

Telling a Great Brand Story

Does your brand have an interesting origin story? Is your product made someplace unique, exotic, or extraordinary? Why not allow influencers to develop engaging content to help you tell your great story and create stronger connections with your brand?

As part of an influencer campaign for Barilla, the script was flipped and top-tier millennial lifestyle influencers shared their passions during National Pasta Month.

The #PassionForPasta campaign garnered an overwhelming response on Instagram and generated brand awareness for Barilla.

Making The Influencers Part of Your Team

The right influencers can offer more than just expert product reviews and social media posts. If the partnership is a good fit, influencers can also be brought on to host in-person events or become brand ambassadors for your company in addition to creating content about your brand.

These are just a few ways food brands can collaborate with influencers. Find out how Blissful Media Group can build a unique and creative influencer marketing program to fit your goals by contacting Paula Bruno paula@blissfulmediagroup.com at  Blissful Media Group.