There’s a lot of buzz about do-it-yourself influencer marketing programs, but brands should think twice before solely relying on automated platforms. One of the fundamental principles of influencer marketing is humans reaching other humans. This process can’t be totally automated. When it comes to producing memorable, engaging consumer connections from influencer content, automated platforms can be a useful tool but should not replace the hands-on expertise that an agency provides.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. Truly impactful partnerships between brands and influencers come from authentic relationships between brands and influencers. Influencer marketing agencies can find the perfect fit and help cultivate those relationships.
  2. Influencer selection is not just about meeting certain criteria from keywords or followers.  Many subtle factors go into selecting the right influencer.  Influencer agencies don’t rely solely upon predefined criteria like followers, location or unique visitors but rather they tend to have a better understanding what topics and brands the influencer cares about and more importantly, what their audience cares about.
  3. Influencer marketing agencies provide quality control, ensure that all brand messaging is consistent and FTC disclosures are met.  Automated platforms can’t check content accuracy or quality.

To recap, self-serve influencer platforms are best used for campaigns where nuanced criteria, subtle branding efforts, and high-level collaborations are not critical.  Additionally, to fully utilize these self-serve platforms, users must possess a solid understanding of developing, managing, and executing influencer marketing campaigns. Without advanced experience, it’s best to go with an influencer marketing agency.

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