Food companies are at a great advantage when it comes to influencer marketing. Since sharing food is such a prime part of family and friendship and influencer marketing is about building relationships, food and influencer marketing are a great fit. According to AdWeek, when it comes to appealing to viewers’ food lust, people don’t care if the content is sponsored or not, as long as they feel inspired. Influencer marketing can help food companies increase brand awareness and community engagement. According to a 2016 chart by eMarketer, the earned media value of each dollar spent on influencer marketing was $14.29 for CPG (consumer packaged goods) food brands.

Here are a few tips for food brands who want to launch an influencer marketing campaign.

    1. Be a resource. Nobody reads a blog post, creates a board on Pinterest, or watches a video on YouTube just to be marketed to. Consumers flock to social media to learn meal tips, find ideas, and learn new recipes. The conversation should be about the buyer more than the brand.
    2. Holidays are an excellent opportunity. Who doesn’t love holiday cookies and dinners? Food is on everybody’s mind around the holidays. Holidays are an optimal time to focus marketing efforts around food influencers.
    3. Expanding into a new market? Choose food influencers who are part of your specific target community and region. Don’t have any – Blissful Media can help you find them.
    4. Photography and video quality are key. Nothing makes mouths water more than an enticing image. But sometimes relatable, low-tech videos and photographs are more successful than expensive professional photo shoots. Lighting, framing, and staging are even more important than fancy equipment.  
    5. Match the products to the influencer. You wouldn’t ask a vegan food blogger to show off your artisan beef jerky. What is your company ethos? We’ll help you find the right influencer to partner with and the right community for your brand to reach.


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