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The Growing Importance of Video Marketing

The Growing Importance of Video Marketing

You’ve probably noticed that your social feeds are getting pumped with engaging video content. If it hasn’t yet crossed your mind, browse through Facebook and Instagram for a few moments, taking note of the frequency of video content, whether or not it’s a marketing campaign, and how well you respond to it.

Consumers are shifting toward a preference of video content and have been for a while. That trend has led to a huge increase in the presence of entertaining videos as well as marketing content on social media.

We’re going to touch on the upward trends in video marketing, hopefully shedding a little light on why your marketing campaign should focus more heavily on video, whether that’s Instagram Stories, YouTube or Facebook Live.

The Importance of Video Marketing in 2019 & 2020

We’ll run through a few of the latest statistics, all of which point toward the fact that video marketing has been, and continues to be on the rise.

Whether or not you prefer video content to written material or traditional ads, it’s clear that the greater picture is one where video marketing is king.

An Upward Trend

Businesses have been using video for their marketing for a while, but the last few years have shown a sharp rise in the percentage of marketers that use video in their campaigns.

A Wyzowl study found that over 60% of businesses claimed to be using video in their marketing efforts in 2017. That number jumped 18% in 2018, and the 2019 percentage is up to 87%.

It makes sense, too, seeing as most business owners and marketers who use video say that it brings in excellent results. The same study claimed that 94% of marketers said video improved user understanding of a product or service, 84% said that it boosted web traffic to their websites, and 81% say that their video marketing helped to generate leads.

Those numbers are overwhelmingly positive.

Looking Forward at Video Marketing

The main ingredient in the whole equation, is, of course, the consumer. They’re on board with the trends in video marketing as well, with 87% of surveyed consumers saying that they’d like to see more brand videos and advertisements in 2019.

The marketing community is in agreement on the fact that video will keep pushing into 2020, and many brands plan to increase spending on video. Additionally, of those who aren’t already using video as a marketing tool, almost 75 percent of them plan to start doing so this year, according to HubSpot.

So, What Can You Do?

All arrows are pointing toward the fact that video is here and plans to stick around. That means there’s a lot of competition and the need for great content is extremely important. One way to greatly improve the quality and reach of your video marketing campaign is to work with influencers.

Influencers and video marketing go together hand in hand, often times with the influencer already having the skills and audience to engage your brand with thousands upon thousands of people. Video content can be crafted to any social media platform as well, seeing as some social sites aren’t as popular in certain niches. From product placements to reviews, influencers can work your brand or product into a meaningful customer experience.

It’s an exciting idea, and we’re here to help your brand move forward with its marketing campaign. Contact us to explore your influencer and video marketing options, potentially pairing up with one of our content creators and influencers.


Boost Your Back-to-School Campaign with Influencer Marketing

Boost Your Back-to-School Campaign with Influencer Marketing

As kids enjoy summer, playing their hearts out before school comes back around, it’s time for companies to start thinking about their back-to-school campaigns. Research shows that over 60 percent of back-to-school shoppers plan to start purchasing before August.

This suggests that your campaign should run a good deal before school starts back up. This, in large part, is because parents are shopping for school supplies and clothing differently than they have in the past.

It used to be that parents would make a run to the store, gather everything on the school supplies list in one sweep, and head back home. Today, parents are spending a considerably larger amount of time researching and shopping for their supplies which means that their shopping starts earlier in the summer.

Most of that research is done online. It makes sense, then, that morel shopping takes place online as well. As school shopping goes digital, so should your back-to-school campaign.  

Whether you’re focused on parents, college students, or little ones entering their first year of school, connecting with your demographic can be difficult. Influencer marketers make it a lot easier to make connections, though, and we’re going to list a few instances where influencers have helped companies win big in back-to-school campaigns.

Target and the Quinn Sisters

Target paired with elementary and middle school influencers, the Quinn Sisters, last year and made waves. The Sisters engaged in a “Target shopping challenge” for back to school supplies, bringing a lot of energy and excitement to the sometimes boring process of picking up supplies.

Their YouTube video generated over 1.2 million views, showing us all how fun it can actually be to get ready for school.

Sara Lee and “Loveable Lunch Notes”

Sara Lee (you’ve probably packed a million lunches with their bread) capitalized on the age-old trend of leaving a note for your child in their lunch bag.

The campaign offered a selection of printable lunch notes to include in lunch boxes, paired with a coupon for Sara Lee bread. They worked with twenty influencers to promote the campaign on their blogs with the intention of upping engagement on the company’s Facebook and campaign sites.

They ended up getting almost 700,000 impressions on Facebook and a combined 124 million impressions on Twitter and Instagram.

JC Penny’s Back-to-School Music Video

Sara Rowe, Meghan Trainor, and Alfonso Ribeiro all worked with JC Penny’s back-to-school campaign, creating an exciting music video.

Using Meghan Trainor’s song, “Me Too,” the ad features a group of talented kids dancing and having a blast, wearing new JC Penny styles. The video is centered around Sara Rowe and Alfonso Ribeiro, who is best known for playing Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

This campaign is a creative example of a brand making its back-to-school push compelling and memorable for consumers.

Target’s Campaign with New Kids on the Block

Target worked with WhatsUpMoms and Joey Mcintyre to create a hilarious commercial. While there’s not a whole lot of product placement involved, the ad is extremely engaging and earned over 7.5 million views on Youtube.

This is yet another example of how much buzz working with an influencer can produce. Influencers like WhatsUpMoms can open you up to niche audiences with millions of consumers who might not otherwise be exposed to your brand.

Minute Maid’s #DoinGood Campaign

Minute Maid partnered with 10 influencers who pushed creative interpretations of their campaign on all social media platforms, with the goal of generating a conversation to help parents better understand their worth.

The idea was that, in a world of a million stressors, it’s often hard to remember your worth as a parent. The campaign’s response was staggering, with a total of over 61 million impressions generated over the span of the campaign. Between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, the campaign reached people all over the world.

Not only did they exceed their back-to-school expectations, but they also sent out a massive reminder that parents should take a step back and appreciate all of the hard work they do.

Want to Work With Back-to-School Influencers?

There’s a lot to be gained from a well-executed back-to-school campaign. Working with influencers can greatly increase the effectiveness of that campaign.
Contact us for information, ideas, and inspiration for your next influencer campaign!


The Four Hottest Influencer Events of 2019 You Don’t Want to Miss

Want to get your product or service in front of hundreds or thousands of consumersHow about having quality conversations and direct access to your target audience? Do you want to create memorable moments and long-lasting relationships, plus social media exposure to boot? 

Of course you do. Blissful Media Group is thrilled to launch our new Influencer Event Sponsorship division. 

Want in on this? Below are 4 upcoming influencer events and conferences to have on your 2019 planning radar.

Alt Oasis

California dreaming? 2019 is Alt Summit’s 10-year anniversary, and this is gonna be BIG. They doubled the time frame, tripled the size, and quadrupled the locations. It’s Alt Oasis, and it’s going to be fabulous and oh-so-Instagrammable.

  • 5 Days – March 23-28, 2019
  • 4 of the chicest venues in Palm Springs, CA 
  • 2,000+ Attendees
  • Beauty/Fashion, Design, Lifestyle Influencers & Entrepreneurs

Download the Deck Now!
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#WeAllGrow Summit

By Latinas, for Latinas. Now in its 5th year, #WeAllGrow Summit elevates the voices and stories of Latina influencers and entrepreneurs through the power of community. 2019’s theme is We Are CHANGEMAKERS (and like every #WeAllGrow Summit since 2015, it will sell out in a snap).

  • 3 Days – May 30 – June 1, 2019
  • Hotel Maya, Long Beach, CA
  • 500+ Attendees
  • Latina Influencers & Entrepreneurs

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#WeAllGrow Wellness Day

Ohmmm. After 3 days of networking and inspiration at #WeAllGrow Summit, attendees are invited to turn inward for Wellness Day. Think: motivational speakers, self-care, and mindful meditations. Wellness Day is a unique opportunity for health & wellness brands to connect with Latina influencers and set their intentions for growth.

  • 1 Day – June 2, 2019
  • Long Beach, CA
  • 300+ Attendees
  • Latina Influencers & Entrepreneurs

Deck Coming Soon!

Teen Leadership Summit

Move over, millennials—here comes Generation Z. The Teen Leadership Summit is a 1-day, motivational leadership experience for teenagers ages 14-18.

  • 1 Day – Feb. 23, 2019
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • 300+ Attendees
  • Teen Movers & Shakers, Ages 14-18

Which event partnership will help you reach your objectives?

Have questions or want to brainstorm options? Let’s chat. We will be happy to set up a time to speak or meet with you in-person.

Five Ways Your Food Brand Can Work with Influencers

Whether foodie inspirations come from a recipe video gone viral on Instagram or Facebook, searching Pinterest for dinner ideas, or scrolling endlessly through #CleanEating or #EatingForTheInsta, there’s no doubt that social media and mobile technology have redefined the food and beverage industry. Now that groceries and meal prep boxes are delivered right to our front doors and coupons are digital, brands must find new ways to entice and connect with modern consumers.

Not only have people changed the way they shop, cook, and style meals, their expectations for brand experiences have evolved as well. For brands looking to connect with their customers, the critical first steps are to build trust based on authenticity and honesty and to find a way to seamlessly fit into people’s daily lives. The right influencer marketing strategy can help you reach and bridge that gap with your target market.

Here are some impactful and inventive ways our clients have worked with influencers to showcase the best their food brands have to offer.

Developing New and Original Recipes

A creative way to leverage influencers in marketing your brand is to ask them to develop a new and original recipe that incorporates your product. In this example from a campaign with ACH Baking brand, food bloggers were secured for a year-long project to highlight recipes using brands like Karo® Syrup through social media.

Highlighting the Art of Entertaining

Whether it’s tips and tricks for hosting a memorable party or a quick and easy meal that feeds a crowd, entertaining is a popular topic all year-round. Naturally, people’s interest in entertaining peaks in the lead up to major holidays. So it makes sense to time your influencer campaigns to line up with these occasions.

In this National Pork Board campaign leading up to the holiday season, you can see that bloggers were inspired to create original holiday recipes that aligned with the brand’s Thanksgiving theme.

Showcasing Customer Experiences

Brands that reflect a customer’s lifestyle and sense of purpose or that offer a high level of convenience have a greater likelihood of being considered.  Incorporating photos or videos into your influencer marketing campaign can capture a genuine customer experience with your product and help consumers see themselves in your brand.

A recent partnership with California Almonds #OwnYourEveryday brought an array of unique snacking ideas through blog posts and photos shared on social media aimed at “busy balancers” and included ways to incorporate protein-packed snacks during summer routines or travel.

Telling a Great Brand Story

Does your brand have an interesting origin story? Is your product made someplace unique, exotic, or extraordinary? Why not allow influencers to develop engaging content to help you tell your great story and create stronger connections with your brand?

As part of an influencer campaign for Barilla, the script was flipped and top-tier millennial lifestyle influencers shared their passions during National Pasta Month.

The #PassionForPasta campaign garnered an overwhelming response on Instagram and generated brand awareness for Barilla.

Making The Influencers Part of Your Team

The right influencers can offer more than just expert product reviews and social media posts. If the partnership is a good fit, influencers can also be brought on to host in-person events or become brand ambassadors for your company in addition to creating content about your brand.

These are just a few ways food brands can collaborate with influencers. Find out how Blissful Media Group can build a unique and creative influencer marketing program to fit your goals by contacting Paula Bruno at  Blissful Media Group.

Blissful Media Group is Collaborating with Influencers on Instagram Takeovers





I’m sorry, a what?

An Instagram Takeover! A relevant Instagram influencer is secured as a host, and for a brief amount of time (5-6 days-ish), they “take over” the brand’s Instagram account. They document and publish their own content featuring the product, with captions written in first-person.

Do they just post whatever they feel like?

We work with the influencer to strategize an editorial concept that aligns with the client’s goal. All content is approved in advance.

 What’s the R.O.I. on this kind of thing?

These storytelling activations grow brand awareness, followers, and engagement. We like to include a fabulous, big-ticket giveaway to draw the host’s followers’ attention and incentivize participation.

 Sounds interesting, but can you give me some recent examples?

@IjeomaKola shook up (and stirred) some colorful summertime cocktail recipes with Alizé:

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

@ErikaCarlock hosted an idyllic picnic with Louis Jadot for #NationalRoséDay:

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

@ATasteofKoko went on a Texas-sized sightseeing tour in her home state, and The Seeker Wines was along for the journey (and all of the tacos):

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

Let Blissful Media Group launch an Instagram Takeover for your brand.

To request a proposal, contact Paula Bruno or visit us here:  Blissful Media Group.

How to Fight Fake Followers in Influencer Marketing

At this year’s Cannes Lions festival, Unilever sent a strong message against working with influencers who buy followers. The company made a public commitment to actively eradicate any influencers using fake followers, bots, or other fraudulent practices from its brands’ global marketing spend. Following this announcement, many other brands such as eBay, Diageo, and L’Oréal shared that they are also cracking down on influencer fraud.

Social media platforms have joined the fight to rebuild integrity and trust within the digital marketing space too. Earlier this year, Facebook suspended several large groups that helped members artificially inflate their perceived popularity, reach, and engagement on Instagram. One of these groups, called “engagement pods”, boasted over 200,000 members. Instagram actively shuts down third-party services and bots that automate thousands of generic comments and likes on posts. Now Twitter is looking to do the same.

As the influencer marketing industry works to weed out the “fakes” and moves towards greater transparency and trust, here are five ways Blissful Media Group can find authentic and effective influencers for your brand:

Seek True Alignment with Your Brand

Do you know who your super fans are? Can you identify who among your customers truly gets excited about your products or services and already tell everyone they know about it?  

You don’t need a social media superstar or celebrity to create excitement and passion around your brand. Look for individuals in your fan base whose personality and audience already align with your brand’s values and voice. Authenticity resonates and working with people who already have a credible connection to your brand is the best influencer marketing tactic.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity

It’s easy to get distracted by vanity metrics like follower counts and impressions. These figures are open to the public, accessible, and widely promoted but, as mentioned above, they are not always an accurate or honest portrayal of an influencer’s reach or value. When looking for authentic influencers for your brand, the quality of engagement matters more than the quantity.

Knowing which engagement metrics to consider for your brand starts with having clear and focused objectives for your campaigns and hiring influencers based on these goals. This leads to more meaningful and successful relationships with influencers and driving the results you want. As your agency, we can help hone the focus for your campaigns and find the very best influencers for your target audience.

Watch Out for Tell-Tale Signs of a Fake

There are some simple ways to sniff out if an influencer is buying followers or faking engagement. A skewed ratio of likes or comments to the number of followers, comments that have little or no relevance to the content of their posts, and huge, overnight spikes in follower rates are just some tell-tale signs of this. It could also be proof that their content simply doesn’t connect with an audience.

As you identify and evaluate influencers for your campaigns, look for people who are creative, actively participating in back-and-forth chatter within their community, and consistently produce more than just sponsored content. Shares, length of video views, and tagging within comments are other strong indicators of genuine engagement, reach, and authority. If available, examine their previous partnerships with other brands and ask for data that proves they have actually swayed audience behavior or public opinion about a brand. A strong influencer will be able to show how they have driven spikes in web traffic, helped reach a new target audience, or generated sales upon the launch of a campaign.

Use Technology AND Humans to Identify Influencers

At Blissful Media Group, we believe that properly vetting influencers initially before they join our network is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting quality influencers without fake followers.  We believe the human element is of utmost importance when vetting influencers – we don’t rely solely on technology to identify influencers. Of course, we will use tools that aid in detecting bots but we also believe that having that human touch is a key component in detecting fake followers.  We strongly believe that no technology can replace a human’s experience and skills at analyzing.

Creating a Vetting Process

At Blissful Media Group, we carefully vet our influencers by being selective as to who we allow into our network as well as who we engage for particular programs for clients.  We vet our influencers not only for the quality of content but for authentic engagement – looking to ensure comments and shares are real and the engagement to follower ratio is realistic.

Let us help find authentic and effective influencers for your marketing campaigns. Request a proposal or find out more by contacting Paula Bruno at  Blissful Media Group.